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Russian TP BioTech2030

Russian Technology Platform "Bioindustry and Bioresources – BioTech2030" was established on October, 4 in 2012 as non-commercial scientific and technical partnership.

Main technological spheres:
• Industrial biotechnology
• Agricultural biotechnology
• Forest biotechnology
• Food biotechnology
• Aquaculture biotechnology
• Waste recycling/Ecobiotechnology.

Key results of activity:
• Design of the “State Coordination Programme for the Development of Biotechnology in the RF until 2020 - BIO-2020” jointly with the Technology Platform “Medicine of the Future” and the Technology Platform «Bioenergy» (Programme has been approved by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation on April 24, 2012)
• Establishment of high performance expert teams within the Technology Platform “BioTech2030”
• Development of the mechanism for professional scientific and technical expertise of projects within the Technology Platform “BioTech2030”
• The signing of the Protocol on strategic partnership and cooperation with the Russian Foundation for technological development, establishment of cooperation with Russian Foundation for technological development in the field of project appraisal
• Participation in the development of Government programmes
• Monitoring and selection of innovative projects within the competence
• Effective international cooperation

Contact information:
Alina G. Osmakova
Executive Director of the Technology Platform
Phone: +7(495) 660 34 30 (extension 195)

Irina S. Abramycheva
Development Director
Phone.: +7 (495) 660-34-30 (extension 195)

Presentation of TP "BioTech2030" - Perspectives for Russian-German co-operation