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International cooperation in Horizon 2020 (WP 2018-2020)

Available local support for H2020 participants from non-EU countries:
  • Countries with jointly agreed co-funding mechanism covering most or all thematic areas: China, Hong Kong & Macao, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan
  • Countries with jointly agreed co-funding mechanism covering selected thematic areas: Australia, India, Japan Countries with co-funding by a region: Brazil, Canada
  • Countries without jointly agreed co-funding mechanism: New Zealand, USA

Horizon 2020 is fully open to the participation of entities from across the world in all parts of the programme, and many topics are flagged as being specifically relevant for cooperation with partners from outside Europe. Russian scientists, universities, research organisations and enterprises are able to team up with their European partners to participate in projects under Horizon 2020 and make the best use of Europe's excellent opportunities in research and innovation. Russian researchers and organisations are encouraged to participate in all actions of Horizon 2020 as consortium members and to take part in the proposal submission to the European Commission.

Russian Co-Funding Mechanisms for Research and Innovation Projects

To support Russian participation in Horizon 2020 actions and in view of the fact that participants from Russia are no longer automatically funded by the EU, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation publishes dedicated calls to offer funding support for Russian Horizon 2020 participants in accordance with its own call procedures (Russian Federal Programme (FTP) "R&D in Priority Areas of Development of the Russian S&T Complex 2014-2020"). Russian applicants to these calls will have to provide a document acknowledging their participation in the consortium of the joint Horizon 2020 proposal, submitted under the Horizon 2020 call.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has established a functional mailbox to which the Russian scientific community may send enquiries about support available in Russia for participation in Horizon 2020.

Depending on the nature of their proposed research, Russian participants of Horizon 2020 research and innovation projects are also encouraged to apply to the regular calls of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (, and the Russian Science Foundation (, which may be able to provide funding support in accordance with their own funding rules.

In addition, the Russian Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises ( may be able to support the participation of small innovative Russian enterprises in Horizon 2020 projects on a case-by-case basis in accordance with its own funding rules.